A Brief History of the ATV Summoning Thread

A Little Background

Around the Verse is a weekly video that gives a look into Star Citizen’s development. Generally, each episode looks into one of the 4 studios that are developing this space sim (LA, UK, Austin, and Frankfurt). An average episode will likely also show a unique profession or role found in those studios, as well as a generous amount of the fan-favorite mess hall animations.

Beautiful Beginnings

ATV is released every Thursday, the specific time varying from week to week. Some time ago, anxious backers began “summoning” ATV episodes when they were a little bit behind schedule. This summoning began as a simple, fun way for players and backers to gather together in forums and subreddits in anticipation of the upcoming episode.

Birth of a Ritual

It wasn’t long before this “summoning” became more than a simple gathering. Cult-ish Star Citizen Acolytes began creating rituals and chants such as ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib ATV ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ In hopes that their devotion and faithfulness might bring about a premature ATV release. Custom ATV GIFs and dancing emoticons were frequently added to the rituals. A few of which have been gathered here to be viewed as educational examples.

The War

In early 2017 there was an uprising. As Summoning Threads became more and more common, and were being posted earlier and earlier each week, many faithful backers questioned their effectiveness. Users such as /u/MrHerpDerp, /u/ataraxic89, and /u/honprovet began creating their own threads to spread propaganda and confusion like “Do we want to continue with weekly summoning threads?”, “should we enact a memorandum on summoning threads?”, “Summoning threads are not fun”, and “Why are my framerates so low, I’m asking for a refund.”

Discussions turned to arguments. Miners turns against miners. Smugglers against smugglers. There was no way to escape the complaining that can only be brought about by early to mid-stage development blues.

Treaty of 5/17

As the war grew, contention arose and threads were reported more earnestly. A change had to be made. In May of the year 2017, /u/GentlemanJ (a moderator on /r/starcitizen) created what he called “unofficial rules for ATV summoning”. These well written suggestions were widely agreed upon by all parties involved and are now considered law by the general population of players and backers. These rules remain unchangeable and are as follows:

  1. There can only be one.
  2. You can only post it on the day ATV is meant to come out.
  3. Maximum shitposting allowed.
  4. GIB ATV

These rules brought an end to unnecessary threads while still allowing for maximum shitposting. Both sides were appeased. The weekly summoning thread continues to be a beloved ritual to all.

Current Issues: The Timing of ATV Summoning Threads

The timing for exactly when to begin an ATV summoning thread has been widely debated amongst scholars and backers. Some support the idea of releasing the summoning thread early. Those with this opinion see the summoning thread as a popular gathering place where fun can be had throughout the day. Critics to this stance say that the aforementioned "fun" dies out too early, and generally turns to annoyance before the arrival of ATV.

On the other side of the fence there are those that say the summoning thread should be released much later, and in extreme cases, only when ATV appears to be arriving late. Those with this opinion see the summoning thread as a tool to remind the universe that ATV should have been released by now. They use the concentrated power of a late summoning thread to bring ATV to fruition. Opposers say that this doesn't give the community enough time to collaborate and celebrate the coming of new mess hall animations.

Reddit Moderator /u/GentlemanJ (the original author of the unofficial rules for summoning threads) has been valiantly removing summoning threads that are universally agreed upon to be "too early". If you see him, thank him for his outstanding efforts.

While there will always be extremists on both sides, many maintain a balanced approach. The summoning thread should not come about too early, as it will be seen as an annoyance to many backers. And it should not come too late, as there may not be enough time to celebrate. Whatever your stance be, it is very important to remember
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib ATV ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Average Citizen